This page is for our project and programme volunteers. If you’re looking for information about the IAYG Family, please visit the main page at

Welcome to the IAYG Family’s page for productivity and support

This website is provided for volunteers and affiliates in the IAYG Family to obtain licenses and get technical support.

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Thank you for your hard work

This website is a support page for productivity resources for the IAYG System. All permanent volunteers and team members are eligible for subsidized software licenses and on-demand technical support.  

Recent Updates

21 May 2020

We hope that transitions to virtual meetings have been successful. The first IAYG Zoom meetings have been tested and volunteers are encouraged to create accounts. 

Zoom and Google Meet are the primary meeting tools. We want to inform you that per an email from Google, Meet capabilities are expanded:

We understand that meetings can count significantly against your Drive storage limits. As always please email Admin if you need your storage limit raised.

Building a stronger team

Improving our volunteer retention and data collection are two of the IAYG Family’s top priorities to become a stronger organization. In accordance with this goal, we are introducing IAYG IDs that can be used by more volunteers for all digital services. We appreciate your patience during the rollout and encourage your questions. 

If you need additional support

For additional support, please contact [email protected]


The IAYG Family is a member of TechSoup and a beneficiary of G Suite for Nonprofits, Microsoft for Nonprofits, and the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program, among others. We appreciate these programmes and their help in supporting our operations.